The OMG Machines Way Today

It’s been over 5 years since Greg Morrison (aka the original “One Man Gang”) captivated us internet marketing super-star-wannabes in a now-defunct forum with his own income reports. (BTW: That photo to the left is one of the originals from that era).

It seemed almost surreal. As I write this OMG Machines review, I can look back at the actual timeline because I’ve watched Greg in action from the first time I saw one of his posts about his earnings.

But it wasn’t just earnings reports that had me (and hundreds of others) drooling. It was how he would just tell us all HOW he was doing it. He would offer clear-cut explanations as to how he was getting his websites to rank in the search engines. Then, once they were ranking, he’d be earning money.

That was pretty much my introduction to search engine optimization, or SEO.

“Way back then” (since 5 years is a VERY long time in the world of SEO and internet marketing), the things that Greg knew seemed impossible for me to learn. I’m guessing I wasn’t alone in that.

Selling High Quality Shovels

It made total sense to me when Mike Long, who, at that time was still part of that other forum, announced that Greg would be formally teaching his methods in what quickly became known as One Man Gang, or OMG Machines. Hey, why give this information away for free when you can sell it?

At first, OMG reminded me of the gold rush where the guys who sold the shovels and tools to the miners. THEY typically made more money than the miners did. Of course there were exceptions, but by and large, the merchants selling the tools made more.

More People Begin Seeing Success

Interestingly though, when it comes to OMG, it turned out that people OTHER than Greg began making money. The program began to grow as more and more people began turning their own fortunes around. Soon, some students became coaches along with Greg.

Then, it kept going – some of the students began specializing in different aspects of SEO (e.g. “local SEO” for one), then affiliate marketing, Amazon, etc.

One of the cornerstones of Mike Long’s and David Mills’ marketing efforts has always been to share student “income reports” – similar to those that Greg Morrison used to post.

I recall hearing someone once say that he didn’t believe the reports. He thought they were fabricated. LOL. I’ve seen some people’s reports, and some people have actually shared bank deposit screenshots – these are not fabricated. No way. Not from this group.

I personally have friends from inside the OMG circle who have shared their successes with me. I rejoice with them. I’ve had a couple of successes in my own right. I just earned $2,220 last month from an affiliate program – and I can tell you that it is because of the stuff OMG teaches that I’ve been able to do so.

Is $2,220 a lot of money? Maybe not to you, but to me, it’s not only promising since I’m just beginning on some of this, but it’s actually a good part of my monthly budget. I know people for whom an extra $500 would mean the world.

But, let’s talk a little about what’s going on today in OMG.

As we zip through 2017 and race towards 2018, one thing you can be assured of: SEO is going to continue to change. Every time Google and other search engines tweak their algorithms (which you can be sure that they are doing on a daily basis), consultants need to keep up with these changes, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

If there is any one thing that OMG coaches do better than just about anyone else I’ve ever seen is keeping their fingers on the pulse of these changes, and making sure that the students know about it.

These days, it is Kotton Grammer – formerly a student, now pretty much leading the show – who appears to have taken over scheduling the events (including the annual live event). One thing that Kotton does is travel to different parts of the country for numerous small trainings.

Through it all, and since the program’s inception, Greg Morrison has been exceptionally savvy when it comes to the research, analysis, and reporting of such things. Actually, speaking for myself personally, I’ve never met anyone with this particular ability to “see” stuff like this. And segments of OMG Machines are dedicated to this aspect of SEO. Part of OMG includes access to webinars called “Assimilation,” and Greg will frequently share his data with the group on these calls.

Greg is amazing. And damned lovable. You cannot help but respect and love him. I know that I do. If anyone had told me 5 years ago that I could become successful at internet marketing, I wouldn’t have believed it. But, Greg helps you (the student) understand stuff in a way that no one else can.

Affiliate Marketing and Other Models and Coaches

In 2017, I have noticed an uptick in students who are pursuing affiliate marketing. It’s interesting that there are those in the OMG community who are very successful in affiliate marketing, and share their own knowledge and strategies and aren’t even paid to do so. It’s a giving community in this way.

There are formal sessions about affiliate marketing. Joe Marfoglio is an incredible affiliate marketing success. I love listening to him speak!

Another thing Joe does is something called the “Hot Seat,” where you can be put in the “hot seat” if you need some help to not only get unstuck, but also if you need some tough love and need to account for your actions (or non-actions, and get a plan together). Many members have major breakthroughs in their businesses after participating in Joe’s Hot Seat sessions!

There are formal sessions about e-commerce (many people are using Shopify for this, and coaches like Stephen Floyd inside OMG teach this), and Amazon (Liz Herrera is the resident Amazon mogul, but she’s getting some competition from her own students these days).

Joshua “Fletch” Fletcher is probably known as one of the warmest & fuzziest guys in OMG, and very friendly and welcoming. But make no mistake; the man is a beast when it comes to SEO. He’s one of your coaches, and also hosts regular “office hours” for students to participate and learn from.

I’ve personally seen the man reduced to tears when he talks about his humble beginnings where he seriously couldn’t pay the electric bill, to a guy now bringing home multiple 6 figures a year (he might higher than that now – I can’t keep track). You will love Fletch! Everyone does.

One person I haven’t talked about yet, but I must do so now, is David Mills. David is also a co-founder of OMG Machines, and until fairly recently he has been pretty quiet, working tirelessly in the background. But these days he has developed an excellent series of personal development strategies that are used inside OMG by many students – strategies that help people set goals, gain confidence, and most importantly, make progress. He speaks at the live conference, which is the only place I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting him. Yet another great person!

What if you Don’t Dig SEO?

For me, I have found that local SEO wasn’t really my cup of tea because I’m not terribly comfortable speaking with clients, but that didn’t matter, because the stuff OMG teaches works for ANY of your sites. And, as it turns out, I like writing and affiliate marketing – so everything I have learned from the One Man Gang program totally works with what I’m doing.

Props from Some Famous Guys

Bob Proctor, who was the primary host on the movie, “The Secret” some years ago is a huge fan of OMG Machines. Bob knows marketing. Bob knows a good program when he sees it. I like Bob Proctor a lot.

Another guy who seems pretty famous in some circles is a guy named Tai Lopez. I don’t quite “get” him – and so I really can’t tell you much about why or how he got involved with promoting and participating in OMG. He doesn’t quite push the right buttons for me, but hey, if he does for you, that’s totally cool!

Is this Package Worth $7,999?

Yes, you heard me correctly. $7,999 is the cost for joining what is an elite group of entrepreneurs. They do offer a payment plan of 12 payments of $699 each.

I recognize that the price tag for OMG probably isn’t going to be discussed much in a place that sells used Yugo’s. It’s more along the lines of something that is going to be discussed at your local BMW or Mercedes-Benz dealership.

It’s first class, world class coaching. In the world of internet marketing, you get what you pay for. You can certainly find some basic information about SEO for free. Then, the second you get their “Free SEO Guide” you will be receiving one upsell after another. Been there, done that. Before long, you’ve spent several thousand dollars anyway, and it’s just not going to be of the same quality that you’ll get with OMG.

This is a no-nonsense coaching platform, taught by world class entrepreneurs who are actually successful in their own right:

  • They have paying SEO clients.
  • They have affiliate marketing income.
  • They make real money selling on Amazon.
  • Their e-commerce sites make sales.

Before you decide whether or not to join OMG, make sure this is the type of work you want to be doing. Oh – yes, you will work. There is no magic button, no program you buy into that will actually do the work for you.

Once you make your decision, before you press the “buy” button, make damn sure you are committed. You will not get your money back if you suddenly have buyer’s remorse.

So, make sure you know what you want.

Fair enough?

If you’re ready to play in the big leagues, you have found it with OMG Machines. If so, welcome to the group, and we’ll see you inside.