Things Great Websites Have in Common

Success doesn’t happen by chance. With the online world being fiercely competitive, you have to be deliberate in your actions to reach the top. Sites that were able to get things right are now enjoying massive web traffic, excellent revenue generation, and the fame that comes with success.

Check out some of the best ones that you know. Despite their differences, you’ll find that they share quite a few traits. It doesn’t matter whether they are tackling subjects that are poles apart. They have a few similar approaches when it comes to their presentation. For example, here are some things great websites have in common:

1. Fast Loading Time

We’ve talked about this on another page here about how if your site is slow, you’re going to have problems. It seriously all begins here. There are countless websites out there on every topic imaginable. If your site takes forever to load, then people will not sit around all day waiting for it. They might not even wait a minute. It is so easy to search for alternatives that they’ll have hundreds of options within seconds. Search engines also favor quick-loading pages. That’s why knowledgeable people minimize image file sizes. They do not overwhelm browsers with unnecessary graphics. On the back-end, they choose web hosting companies that use advanced technologies and have a good record on performance.

2. Attractive Design

Once a page loads, it should immediately capture the attention of the viewer. Pages should look professional and uncluttered. Simplicity and restrain are virtues when it comes to design. There are a lot of tricks that you can do to show off your skills but you have to ask yourself whether these are truly needed. Maybe some of these can help while others will only add unnecessary complexity. The site should be pleasant to look at from the type face to the graphics. The colors should blend well

3. Intuitive Layout and Navigation

Great sites are both beautiful and functional. Being attractive will not be enough. The design should also feature a layout where all the pieces of information are in their logical place. It should be easy to search for the materials that the visitors came there for. For instance, the navigation links must be grouped intuitively such that people can go to the page they want in just a few clicks. It should not feel like they are looking for a needle in a haystack. Things should flow naturally and stay consistent with the theme. There ought to be a prominent search bar to serve as the last resort.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are excellent sources of traffic. Billions of searches are made every day on a wide range of topics. Make sure that the people who are interested in your type of products and services are able to find you. SEO professionals can optimize your site to increase your chances of ranking highly in the results pages. They will identify keywords that you can target. They can fix the URL structure, the page titles, the meta tags, the image tags, and various other onsite elements. They could also do off-site strategies like directory submissions and link-building to improve the site’s page rank.

5. Relevant and Useful Content

Now we come to the heart of the matter. Getting people to visit your site is one thing. Making sure that they keep coming is another. For this, you will have to generate relevant and useful content on a regular basis. Blogs are perfect for this as they are meant to be updated frequently. Make the visitors look forward to the articles posted by giving them things of value. These could range from insightful tips to prize giveaways. Mix it up to keep the content fresh and exciting.